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This Weeks Pick - frantic

Location: Wil, SG, Switzerland
Description: Influenced by indie rock, folk and pop, the swiss indierock formation FRANTIC perform a balancing act of writing melancholic and cheerful songs with a devotion to great pop melodies.
Biography: Since the new millennium frantic are known all over Switzerland and across the border. With their first studio album Change and their radio single “Mr. Genius” the four gentlemen and the one lady made their first steps into a successful future. After DRS3 music editors had shortlisted the band for Swiss Top, frantic was played on all important radio stations. The second album "A Hopeful Glow" (2009) lived up to expectations, a lot of interviews on television and on the radio followed and the band was seen on various stages in Switzerland and Germany such as the Summerdays Festival, the Blue Balls Lucerne or the Open See Festival Constance just to mention three.
Press Release: frantic went to France For working on the songs for the new album „french fountain“ frantic went to a small village called „fontaine francaise“ in France. A whole lot of creative work has been done there. After they went back to switzerland for recording the songs at SonicLab Recording Studios with producer Andi Jud. Finally, on September 23rd 2011, the label Greenhorn Records (a subdivision of monkey music) will release the new album with professional promotion support by Monkey Music Switzerland. In August, the radio single “man from france” including a video clip will call further attention to the upcoming album. The clip was filmed very outside of Dubai (UAE) near the city Al Ain – in the middle of nowhere out in the desert. By releasing in September, interviews and media reports will come along. Thanks to the great media feedback and countrywide broadcast of the previous albums „change“ (2007) and “A Hopeful Glow“ (2009) the band can look forward to an exciting year. A club tour in autumn and winter will complete the 2011 live program. In summer 2012 the band is going to play several open air festivals. frantic – french fountain: Influenced by indie rock, folk and pop, frantic perform a balancing act of writing melancholic and cheerful songs with a devotion to great pop melodies. The lyrics are taken from life - they’re about love, losing orientation or self-discovery - stories that most listeners will have experienced themselves. But there are also funny songs like the second single „oh charlie“. This song is dedicated to actor Charlie Sheen and his life. The dominant part of the songs is always found in the vocals of Mike Sarbach and Michael Gysel who take turns in singing either lead or backing vocals. In spite of this alternation the 10 years of shared band history have led to today’s distinctive style.

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